MERIX is a monoline lender committed to providing mortgage brokers with choice and innovative solutions to help you with your business.  As a broker signed up with MERIX Financial, you get access to three options:

When you choose MERIX/Lendwise for your business you will also…

What are MERIX and Lendwise? How are they Different? 
MERIX and Lendwise are the options that cater to the “A deals” in your portfolio. While the product offerings, policies, and dedicated underwriter and sales support are the same on both options, the primary difference between the two is compensation. 

The MERIX option pays you trailer fees and allows you to benefit from having a continual income stream and build a book of business that has ongoing value. Trailers are above and beyond what you will be paid at closing and you will continue to earn commissions annually in the form of trailers fees for the duration of the original MERIX deal. Click here for more details on the MERIX compensation. 

If trailer fees aren’t the solution for you, Lendwise is a tier-based option that focuses on maximizing your upfront commission. Earn more on each of your Lendwise deals with enhanced compensation on each tier, including additional compensation on Insured/Insurable deals and a monthly efficiency bonus. Click here for more details on the Lendwise compensation.

What is NPX? 
For our brokers in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, we are pleased to offer NPX for your alternative/near-prime clients. NPX offers great programs with competitive rates and fees for clients that need more considered than just their credit including salaried, business for self, new credit and credit damaged clients, and those seeking investment property financing. NPX also offers unique products and features such as interest-only options and qualifying at contract rate. If you have an alternative deal or have any questions about NPX, please contact the NPX Sales desk

For Those Already Signed Up...


eXplore is the MERIX Financial broker portal. Here you can see all your deals for MERIX, Lendwise and NPX, browse rates and all policies, upload documents (up to 15 at a time – PDF’s, .txt., Excel and JPEG file types are all accepted), view your Broker Scorecard, view ratios and account balances, and more.  To learn how to use the broker portal, please see our Broker User Guide


The MERIX eXplore Broker Portal is now available on iOS and Android! We understand that you may not always be in front of your computer, so this app allows you to have the most important tools from your desktop eXplore Portal at your fingertips, including: seeing deal status, viewing previously uploaded documents, checking current rates, communicating with us, and viewing your ratios, XREWARDS and basisPOINTS balances. Just search “MERIX eXplore” on the App Store and Google Play.


If you would like to take your business to new heights, we are pleased to provide eXclusive access to the Personal Account Manager (PAM) Program for high-performance supporters of MERIX Financial. PAMs perform a dual role that combines the responsibilities of a dedicated Account Manager and of an Underwriter. They aim to provide the highest level of prompt and attentive service in the industry and represent the mortgage broker’s first choice when selecting a lender as their one single point of contact. 

As your dollar volumes increase with MERIX Financial, you become eligible for this service. Click here for details on the PAM Program.


If you have questions about any of these, log into eXplore for details or contact your MERIX Representative! Don't have one? Click here to get signed up with one!